Responsible betting

Fortuna Entertainment is dedicated to providing a fun, fair gaming experience, but also recognizes that in some cases, betting can lead to addiction. Fortuna Entertainment is certified by GamCare, which provides support for preventing and handling gambling problems. The leading provider of consulting is confidential and free of charge; if you need it, Fortuna Entertainment will also provide translation consulting.

Addictive assessment

It is very important for customers to control their own gaming habits. If you believe there is a risk of gambling addiction, click on the following GamCare Self-Assessment Test.

Self isolation

If you need to control yourself to stay away from certain games, you are welcome to inform the online customer service to propose game restrictions. You can apply for a 6 months to 5 years account closure. Please contact online customer service for assistance.

Ask for more help

The following organizations offer professional free services for gaming users:

Age limit and parental control

Gambling is forbidden for people under the age of 18, and Fortuna Entertainment is strictly enforcing this requirement. For members who choose certain payment methods (such as those are able to complete under the age of 18), we will verify the age. In addition, we also randomly select members for age verification, regardless of the payment method they use. Once the member is found to be under the age of 18, all winning profits will be forfeited and handed over to the relevant departments.

Parents or guardians can use the following third-party software to filter Internet risk information:

Personal information protection

Fortuna Entertainment uses special encryption technology to protect your personal account information. To avoid disclosure, please do not disclose your personal information to anyone.

Fortuna Entertainment business philosophy

Fortuna Entertainment strictly adheres to all professional standards and ethics set by the gaming regulator. It is important for our customers to understand this. We call these gaming regulations our “business philosophy”.


Fortuna Entertainment complies with the laws and regulations of the Cagayan Special Economic Zone in the Philippines. Fortuna Entertainment holds a gaming provider license and will always operate within the scope of the license granted by the PAGCOR.

Fair platform:

Mavericks Gaming is based on online gaming fairness and strives to provide a honest and equitable gaming environment for our members. We have a well-established mechanism to detect abnormal betting behavior. Once these mechanisms are triggered, Fortuna Entertainment will take action to protect our members. If necessary, we will cooperate with the regulatory authorities for information sharing.

Member privacy and information protection:

Respecting your privacy and keeping your data safe is a top priority for the Fortuna Entertainment. We have an advanced and comprehensive privacy protection system, and all internal data access is strictly restricted and closely monitored. The Fortuna Entertainment is strongly against all forms of fraud (including credit card fraud) and hacking attacks and will be reported to law enforcement immediately upon discovery.

Restrict access to minors:

Fortuna Entertainment is strictly abides by regulations and prohibits minors from participating in gambling. We default member registration information to fill in the real age of legal age, and will conduct random checks and data validation.

Control addictive gambling behavior:

Fortuna Entertainment does not encourage players to over-indulge the game, and will cooperate with the member to take a series of addiction control consulting.

Banking and transaction processing:

Fortuna Entertainment conducts banking and financial affairs in accordance with the relevant regulations of banking institutions in China.

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